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Thread: Marta & I sat under the stars to watch Ringo STARR (with a little rain on his friends

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    Marta & I sat under the stars to watch Ringo STARR (with a little rain on his friends

    Like the writer of the review below, we saw Ringo when he was in Omaha a few years ago. We enjoyed that show so much we made the drive to Lincoln last night.

    It was the first time we have been at the outdoor Pinewood Bowl. It was a little hot when we sat down. By the end we were in a gentle rain. RELIEF from the heat anyway.

    The gentle rain gave a new meaning for the "Rains Down in Africa" as Steve Lukather (Toto world tour starts Aug. 12) sang:

    Marta stood up to listen to her favorite song from the 80's..."Kyrie" KYRIE by MR. MISTER:

    We cuddled together as Todd Rundgren sang "The Light in Your Eyes"

    I sang along with Ringo on "Don't Pass Me BY". The lady on the other side of Marta heard me and complimented my voice. But she had been drinking. :–D

    At noon your local time (Ringo's birthday) July 7th say to anyone near you "Peace and Love".

    IF you ever get the chance, go see Ringo and his ALL STAR Band. Ringo and his friends put on a hell of a great family show that runs for over two hours with no break. Unfortunately the show is not like the Rutles song with the chord that goes on forever.


    The Rutles Intro


    Ringo Starr charms with fun Pinewood Bowl show:

    There was a Beatle in Pioneers Park Saturday.

    It was Ringo Starr, making his Lincoln debut at age 75, who brought along his All Starr Band for a fun two-hour show that mixed Beatles songs that he sang and a few solo hits with songs that were hits for the All Starrs and their bands.

    That’s standard for Ringo, who’s been taking out an All Starr Band since 1989. And it works surprisingly well, largely because the songs are all recognizable and the band is terrific.

    The affable Starr is a charmer, engaging immediately with the opener “Matchbox” and not letting go until the end of “A Little Help from My Friends” — about 3,500 of them Saturday.

    FULL story at link. Photo gallery:
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    Wish I could have joined you. Sounds wonderful

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    Very cool! Was this a late wedding anniversary celebration? I love Todd Rundgren (the rest of them too)... I'm glad you're here at JPR, OS, I was going to miss your posts at Down Under!

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    Totally awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Of course I'm the biggest Beatles fan of all time.

    I saw "Ringo's All-Star Band" in the Gorge ( once. The members included Joe Walsh, Burton Cummings, and Dave Edmunds among others. One of the best concert I have ever been to (And I have been to a lot of them). Imagine hearing "Rocky mountain Way", "Yellow Submarine", and "I hear you knocking" in the same set and all done incredibly well. . Completely frickin mind blowing.

    The following is that band, but not the concert I saw.

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    Ringo's looking damn fine for 75! He's gotten there with a little help from his friends! Sounds like such a lovely evening. Thanks for sharing!

    On edit - looks like there are only 3 more concerts left on his tour - Denver, San Diego and LA. Sorry none in my part of the world. I did see Harry Belafonte live at the Greek Theatre (that's outdoors) in LA back around 1963. He had an audience sing-along for Ma-til-da . . . . "sing out the chorus" . . . Ma-tild-da . . . ."everybody, sing a little softer". And there were tree people - who'd climbed up into the surrounding trees to watch for free - oh, it was a grand evening!

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