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Thread: If you are having a problem with the new site....

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    If you are having a problem with the new site....

    Go to For just a couple weeks we're for this and .com for the new site.

    When you go to log in, click "forgot my password" Enter the email address you used to register here. You'll then receive an automated email to reset your password.

    Then login

    Please send me a pm here if you have any questions or problems

    We are going to leave this site up for at least a couple weeks. But we may turn off the ability to post in the next day or two.

    We'll leave the ability to pm as long as the site remains.

    We will be moving posts except from the third-way shills forum, which is gone from our lives.

    Again, any problems, please send me a pm. I'll be back and forth between the two sites and will respond as soon as I can

    Thank you all so much!

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    Maybe there should be an announcement at the top here for the new site so it's immediately apparent where everyone went.

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