Great Piece: Brexit Backlash Against EU, A Revolt Against Elites

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Here is what is quickly becoming the pattern of public discourse.

The elites are attempting to manipulate public discussion by painting dissent to their neo-liberal policy as fascism. While there actually is an ideological center between these perceived monolithic blocks, it is the neo-liberal enablers, masquerading as centrists, that are the culprits for current overbearing fear mongering. Certainly, the world financial institutions will lose money whenever their oppressive exploitations are exposed for their inherent weakness with respect to populist politics. Herein lies the problem. There is a post Thatcher/Reagan generation that has been assimilated into a monetary system that requires dependence on an inequitable financial infrastructure. For example, the US citizens that are most concerned with Brexit, are those that are invested in keeping the financial institutions unchanged. They do not question the validity of the 401K retirement plan as that of a viable retirement plan. They only question world events that directly affect their retirement plan in a most reactionary way. The 401K is approximately one generation old and it's viability as a reliable retirement fund is inconclusive at best. Indeed, many of those that endured the economic calamity of 2008 might call it a failure. Regardless, many of us are becoming alarmingly aware that financial risk on a global scale is entirely socialized and it is our collective 401k plans that ultimately pay the price albeit, indirectly.

The folks that live "paycheck to paycheck " do not give a rat's ass if the EU crumbles. As Bob Dylan once sang, "If you got nothing, you got nothing to lose." Further the poor could give a rat's ass if disaster capitalism is socialized. The elite are not coming after them. There is no profit in it. No, the elites are coming after the life savings of the hard working middle class, and they have purchased the media and the politicians to get the job done.

A macro analogy: There is a relatively new and popular saying in the modern workplace with respect to workplace safety. "If it doesn't feel right, stop and take a moment to review what you are doing". You don't necessarily have to be a safety expert to get a bad feeling. What is important is that when that feeling occurs, the resources with the proper expertise are brought in to assess the situation. In a sense, that is what Brexit is. While many of the folks that support Brexit may not have the expertise to identify bad economic policy, they only know that over time, their economic health has become increasingly worse. More than anything it is a combination of a cry for help as well as a collective middle finger to the consolidation of economic power. Regrettably, unbiased expertise to help them may not exist. Financial complexity is a self serving cottage industry. The fewer people that understand what the neo-liberals are doing, the more exploitation they can get away with. Requiring an attorney to interpret and implement tax law is a perfect example.

There are historical references to current economic oppression. In general, when there is extreme wealth inequality, the folks that suffer most will rebel, and the folks that prosper most will abhor change. Indeed, those of us that complain about our 401k "taking a hit" because of Brexit are enablers of a much greater problem. Here is the absolute truth. Until extreme wealth inequality is properly addressed and reversed, incidents like Brexit will become the norm. Factor in the cumulative effect of extreme wealth inequality with the future economic costs due to climate instability and we may very well be looking at complete societal, economic, political collapse. Our greatest long term danger lies in the power structure that will fill that void.
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