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Be a part of it and help write "Why the name JackpineRadicals?"

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I am supposed to write an, "About the Name" I haven't been able to do Jim Peterson, aka JackpineRadical, justice.

I was honored to know him and work with him. We started planning this site even before Bernie announced.

Jim was an incredible man. A Vietnam war Veteran injured in duty, fully disabled. He then became a therapist for Veterans. He fought the good fight day in and day out. He posted on DU and Daily Kos for over a decade, had his own blog, was followed by and loved by everyone. His was reasonable, funny, intelligent and as helpful as anyone can be.

He and I started this site together. So we named it after him.

I've decided that the best way to do him honor is for everyone here that knew him to post something about Jim. Feel free to link to anything you found that explains your feelings.

So many knew him so much better and longer than I. Once we have this together, it will be our "About The Name"
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