1. About the Republican Nominee ...

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    I loathe to give him another minute of undeserved attention but since Bernie, in his address last night, listed defeating him as a priority, I will do so. My take on how to beat this guy is not exactly a traditional way, but I know it to be effective.

    First thing we need to do is to stop appealing to morality and reason. And facts, since when do facts matter? His primary strength is his supporters and without that audience, he has pretty much nothing but impotent hot air farted around
  2. Reality, Potential and the Democratic Party

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    Are the lights on over there? The party has continued to confound me with their tunnel vision. How have they lasted this long? It's like a drunk driver has managed to make it for hundreds of miles without hitting anything.

    I remember when the republicans dominated everything, and I mean everything, they were kicking liberal ass all over the field in the 80's. My generation grew up knowing that if we wanted to make it, we had two options:

    1. Keep your head down and